Construction Accidents

Construction workers are known for their strong work ethic and their indispensable contributions to New York’s economic development. The various construction trades provide jobs with some of the best income for working families. Despite legal protections like New York State’s laws requiring a safe place to work, construction accidents are common. And when construction accidents occur, the negative impact on families can be significant.

Construction workers encounter on-the-job hazards not encountered by other professions. The United States Department of Labor estimates that there are about 150,000 construction accidents every year. In 2011, 17.5% of private industry worker fatalities were in construction, a total of 721. Falls caused the most deaths. Other common causes of death and serious injury included electrocutions and being struck by objects. Dangerous conditions can be created by faulty ladders and scaffolding, equipment failures or defects, fires and explosions, slippery surfaces and other tripping and slipping hazards, and dangerous substances such as asbestos. Many times, dangerous job site conditions are the result of contractors and corporations failing to comply with relevant safety standards and laws.

In addition to death, construction accidents can have other severe consequences. Construction accidents often result in spinal injuries or damage to other major joints such as knees and shoulders, sometimes causing disfigurement or loss of function. Treatment and rehabilitation for these types of injuries can be long and costly. Injured workers are sometimes unable to work and support their families for the rest of their lives, creating an especially long and challenging situation for people in their 20s and 30s. In most cases, workers’ compensation insurance is not enough to cover the bills.

The attorneys at Dolce Panepinto have decades of experience representing workers who have been injured in construction accidents. We’ve been able to win tough cases and recover damages for our clients. Some examples of our clients’ recent victories  include a $7.9 million dollar settlement for a non-union maintenance mechanic who fell 16 feet while installing a new light fixture; a $1.4 million jury verdict for a Local 210 Laborer injured during concrete pouring; a $2.7 million verdict for a Local 210 Laborer injured during a demolition project; a $2.5 million dollar settlement for a Local 210 laborer who fell 12 feet off a ladder; a $2,015,000 verdict for a Local 22 plumber who fell 3 feet off a step ladder; and a $1.2 million verdict for a non-union equipment installer who was struck by a hose reel which fell off the wall.

We work construction cases like nobody else in Western New York. We take the toughest cases and hold contractors responsible for workplace safety.

If you have been injured in a construction accident and are unable to work – even if the injury is small and you are receiving workers’ compensation – please call us immediately at 716-852-1888 for a free case evaluation.

Construction Accidents