The Dolce Firm Team Wins Pair of Victories for Injured Clients

The Dolce Firm Team Wins Pair of Victories for Injured Clients

September 24th, 2015

The Dolce Panepinto team is proud to announce a pair of victories on behalf of injured clients. Sometimes trials are bifurcated, or split into two trials, with a liability trial held first for the jury to determine who is at fault. If the injured party is successful, then a damages trial is held where a different jury determines compensation to be paid to the injured person.

This pair of legal victories secured favorable liability decisions for our injured clients ensuring that the at fault parties were held responsible for the actions and conditions that led to our clients’ injuries.

Injured Backhoe Operator
A Monroe County property owner was found liable under New York Labor Law when he directed a backhoe operator to park a backhoe near the edge of a landfill the owner created. The unstable soil collapsed and the backhoe rolled into a ravine inflicting severe injuries on the backhoe operator. The liability trial was won by attorneys Anne Wheeler and John Licata in mid-September.

Injured Driver
Today, attorneys Jon Gorski and Rene Juarez won a hard fought verdict in a liability trial involving a three-car chain collision where our client was the front car and was struck from behind by two cars after he had safely stopped to avoid a passing bicyclist. The jury agreed with our attorneys and decided the two drivers should be held accountable for their unsafe driving that caused the collision and injured our client.

While we hope those who have been found responsible will agree to fully compensate those whom they have injured, often a damages trial must be held in our clients’ best interest. If you or a member of your family is injured or in need of legal assistance of any kind, do not hesitate to call 716-852-1888 for a free case evaluation.