Personal Injury includes car accidents and slip and falls and many other cases

Suffering an injury can be life altering. While you are dealing with the physical and emotional pain, many difficult questions still need to be answered. Who is going to pay your medical bills? Why is the insurance company calling you? Should you talk to them? Who is on your side? A Personal Injury lawsuit can feel complicated and confusing. We’re here to make it easier, so you can receive the compensation you deserve.

We Fight the Good Fight for You

We understand how overwhelming this can be. That’s why our experienced team guides you through each step of the process while making sure that we are doing everything within our power to ensure you the best possible outcome. We hold responsible parties accountable for your safety.

Our team approach to personal injury cases means your case is evaluated by several attorneys to design the proper legal strategy. When it comes to fighting for our clients, we have a reputation for toughness.

What Can I Expect to Happen with My Case?

From the moment you contact us about your case, we strive to make sure you feel heard, respected, and taken care of. Your claim may take several paths, but our commitment to getting you what you deserve never changes.

1. Free Case Evaluation. We’ll meet with you to discuss your case and make sure we have what we need to fight for you. This may include meetings with your family, phone calls to relevant parties, and verifying medical records regarding your injury.

2. Signed Agreement. After your case evaluation, you’ll sign an agreement enabling us to act as your attorney. Remember – we only get paid as a percentage of your award, and require no money up front. 

3. Initial Negotiation. Our attorneys will first attempt to negotiate directly with the insurance company for a fair settlement. If an acceptable settlement is offered, no lawsuit is needed and your case will be closed.

4. Formal Lawsuit. If initial negotiations are unsuccessful, we will file a formal lawsuit in court against the negligent party.

5. Building Your Case. Your case litigation and discovery phase involves filing motions and paperwork . During this time, any medical care or decisions should be discussed with us to ensure you are able to maximize reimbursements.

6. Ongoing Communication. While your case is being built, which may take weeks or months, we will remain in regular contact with you. We encourage you to call for updates, and we will keep you abreast of progress on your case.

7. Deposition. At your deposition, you will tell your story, under oath, with your attorneys and the defense attorneys in the room. Depositions do not happen in a courtroom, but rather a comfortable conference room setting.

8. Settlement. Many cases are settled during or as a result of the depositions. If a settlement is offered, we will decide together if you should accept it. We are always willing to take the case to a trial if we believe it’s in your best interest.

9. Settlement Awarded. If you take a settlement, your case is closed. Our fees will be withdrawn as a predetermined percentage of your settlement, when it’s received.

10.  Go To Trial. If your case goes to trial, the path is different. Your trial date could be months away.  Your trial will always be before a judge, and may or may not include a jury.

11. Fighting for You. During the trial, we will present your case, and the defendant will present theirs. This may include witness and/or expert testimony and presentation of evidence.

12. The Verdict. After the trial verdict, your case is considered closed unless there is an appeal from either side. Our fees are withdrawn as a predetermined percentage of your award, when it’s received.

How Much Will This Cost Me?

We Only Get Paid When Your Case is Won.

We require no money up front. Our fees are only rendered when you receive your award or settlement. For personal injury cases, our fees are assessed as a percentage of the money you receive only when your case is won, in line with industry percentage standards. We don’t get paid until we’ve put in the hard work for you.

Personal Injury Results

Personal Injury Case Types

Construction Accidents

We work construction cases like nobody else in Western New York. We take the toughest cases and hold contractors responsible for workplace safety. LEARN MORE

Automobile Accidents

We have the resources to enforce your rights such as medical and rehabilitation experts and an understanding of the science of accident reconstruction. LEARN MORE

Injury on Property

Whether residential or commercial property, Dolce Panepinto has the experience to hold property owners accountable for negligence.

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